Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meanwhile, Over In Germany...

Here are German wrestlers Adrian Severe and Mike Skull in a N.E.W. singles match held last November 2012. You can watch the action here.

Here are screen caps from the aforementioned match. (I wish there were more close-ups.)

See Severe do an amazing backflip from the turnbuckle.

Here are more pics of the N.E.W. Hardcore Champion.

With tag team partner Mexx after a Table, Ladders and Kendo stick match.

Feud or Flirtation? Nemesis Arabian Star constantly refers to Severe as a "Pretty Boy."


  1. Severe is sooo hot! Thanks for the pics, Bruno.

  2. adrian and mexx hot together in and outside the ring

  3. I agree with both of the Anonymous posters. And Arabian Star doesn't appear to be any slouch either. Does he have a partner? Because that'd be a promising tag match.

  4. Im off to book a sightseeing holiday to germany. ..looks like they have some big attractions!!

    Cheers for pics, im big fan of Severe (him and Mexx have to be one of THE hottest tag-teams since the La RĂ©sistance tag team)

  5. You rock, Dr. Fever! La Resistance is my favorite tag team of all time! Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree get my vote for the hottest, sexiest muscle studs to ever step inside a wrestling ring. :)

  6. Hot post. I saw Mexx in a hot German match online recently and it appears that Severe matches him and more!