Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chris In A Cage

Here's Chris D'Andrea stepping into a cage to wrestle big Danny Demanto in a match held last month. I'm a fan of good, old-fashioned cage matches. There's something so primal about them; like seeing two wild animals fighting tooth and claw to win.


Demanto pins D'Andrea for the win.


  1. alright demanto!!!great win. luv to see the big men whip the muscle boys.

  2. I totally agree w/ U Heelwrestler, Big turn on to see the big beefy guy's whip Muscle boyz azzez. Especially using moves such as in pic. 10....Demanto pulling muscleboy D'Andrea up off the mat by his neck, and by the look on D'Andrea's face--he know's he's in for more Punishment from the Big guy.

  3. Chris D'Andrea is hot.
    The other wrestler looks like he has eaten Johnny Gargano!

  4. Nothing like a big mountain of man, crushing heel taking it to a hot muscle boy. D'Andrea is one hot muscle boy and glad he got what was coming to him by big bad hulk Danny Demato!