Saturday, May 21, 2016

Beefcakes In Action

Luther Ward (right)

Texano Jr.

Antonio Cesaro aka Claudio Castagnoli

Ivan Gromov

Unidentified German Wrestling Federation wrestlers

Chris Dickinson vs Johnny Moss

Zack Ryder

Travis Gordon (right)

GQ Gallo vs JR Kratos

John Morrison


  1. A wild guess for the 2 unbekannte deutsche: Peter Bouncer & Andre Trucker. Subject to correction(s). TT

    1. Pete Bouncer doesn't have tattoos on his arms so I'm pretty certain that isn't him. But thanks for trying anyway.

  2. Okay, this is kind of OT but I'm desperate.

    Does anyone have a video of the wrestling event in which wrestler Steinbolt battled Harley Rage?

    Steinbolt has been featured on this blog. He used to wear a singlet but recently (within the past year or so) switched to trunks and the video I am looking for would also be from this timeframe because he was sporting his newer look.

    I could've sworn I either favorited it or saved it to my computer but now I can't find it anywhere. Part of the problem is that it was part of a longer video which was basically a full wrestling event from some Swedish promotion.

    I feel like the video was either featured on one of these two channels but I've skimmed around and can't find it!:

    It's tough to track down when their wrestling videos are each 2 hours or longer but I'm pretty sure it came from one of those two. They couldn't have taken it down because they still have all their other videos! Some of their YouTube videos have the match listings in the description but I'm assuming they didn't put it for the one I'm looking for (just my luck).

    I'm hoping one of you has seen or can find the match (work your magic, Anon!).

    1. OMG, you guys. I found the copy I downloaded. Yay!!!

      I looked up the match on Cagematch (thank goodness for that site!) and then Googled the name of the event where it took place, discovering the link to the YouTube video. The reason it no longer shows up for me (and anyone else in the US!) is because it was blocked on copyright grounds, I believe for the use of some stupid song. Unfortunately many people are now barred from seeing the match because of that.

      I will leave my original post up as a tribute to the amazing Steinbolt. Seriously, you guys, check him out.

    2. Sorry, had a busy morning, so have just read this, but it was very kind of you to refer to my command of Internet video searches as "magic." Glad you found it. Anon.

  3. The Unidentified wrestler is Chris rocke

  4. Does anyone know who Luther Ward is fighting in his first pic? He is HOT

    1. It is Sean Guinness. Anon.