Thursday, May 12, 2016

Body Shots : Mirror, Mirror

It's still a selfie when you take your reflection in a mirror, right?
Hugo Knox

Gurv Sihra

Eddie Rage

Bobby Lashley

Nick Brubaker

Daniel Pruehs

Justin Sysum

Bronson Matthews

The Big O

Chris Dickinson


  1. Good question. My first reaction is that it doesn't as I thought selfies are only if you take a pic of yourself with a front-facing camera. But if you think of selfies as any picture you take of yourself, mirrors certainly count.

  2. So odd that so many don't look at the mirror after they have the shot set up.
    And, golly, in that lighting Chris D.'s head looks like Mr. Magoo! Not the rest of him, of course. Anon.

    1. but its his cock that i am interested in

    2. Yes, I know. Did you see I qualified it and said: "Not the rest of him"?
      Actually the rest of him looks bigger than ever, Anon.

  3. Kinda not feeling any of these (save Hugo) tho I do like Big O when he's in his wrestling gear.