Friday, May 20, 2016

Leather Wrestlers

When I think of Pinterest, that photo sharing website beloved by women who are into fashion, cooking, and decorating, I don't associate it with big, burly wrestlers. But lo and behold, wrestling has come to Pinterest. I recently came across a Pinterest page called Leather Wrestlers which features dozens of leather-clad wrestlers (many of whom are new to me). Here are some of my favorites.
Danny Walsh

Robby Illuminati

Kaylen Croft

John Klinger

Cowboy James Storm

Bollywood Boyz (Gurv and Harv Sihra)

Texano Jr.

Matt Sigmon

Micky The Dragon

The Miz


  1. Beloved by women and...? You're forgetting a certain demographic...

    Hint: it's the one that probably makes up the majority of your blog's readership! ;)

    I like Pinterest and Tumblr (the latter especially has some good wrestling blogs) but too often the contributors on both sites don't provide the names of the wrestlers in their photos/gifs which can be frustrating.

  2. IMHO every square centimeter "clad" with anything other than boots and immodest trunks is clad with too much, leather or otherwise. Besides I have trouble navigating pee-interest, & of late tumblr seems to have become vexatious too. I agree that names add to the illusions, but I am under no illusion how much clerical and sometimes investigative work has to go into tagging every wrestler, so I choose to be thankful for the foto regardless of anonymity of the subject, or should I say "object," which I think is more the truth in my case. Sometimes I make up a name for an imaginary playmate--but a vast number of the names are made up to begin with. So what's the big deal with me and names? Boils down to a fantasy life, I guess. TT

  3. Interesting. I recognize most of them, some of those pics are a bit on the old side. (Hade Vansen and Kaylen Croft go back to the old OVW/DSW, the WWE predecessors of NXT, I think.) The unnamed tag team in the electric blue trunks is the Down Boyz. That is pretty recent. Anon.

  4. I think Pinterest really has been more for women than gays. Gay tendency to have more testosterone makes Tumblr a better site. Though I guess maybe I'll start having to check Pinterest.

    No one caught my eye the first time around. Second time ... Matt Sigmon ... yum. Cool collection though. You would think leather and wrestling have more intersection, but I guess leather is harder to be sporty in. I wonder what Texano Jr. is going to do with that sword. It's like cowboy meets Game of Thrones.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out to my Pinterest page! Have always had a fascination with leather clad wrestlers -- have seen quite a few on this site as well. The bigger and badder the brutes -- the BETTER! I try to update the page with new, indy wrestlers that I find - glad you enjoyed! Rob Fueller

  6. FYI the one on the left below James Storm is Raunchy Rico...he always looks kinky

  7. any clue on the two guys on top of hade vans en's pic?