Monday, May 2, 2016

Muscle Monday : Matt Morgan

Yet another alliterative title, though not as alliterative as Mint Mike Mitchell. If Game of Thrones ever needs to add another giant to their show, they should consider Matt Morgan.


  1. Mmmmm, Matt Morgan really is a sexy giant. Instant hardon here.

  2. Matt Morgan is hot.
    And the match where he beats the shit out of the even sexier Tony Nese is a classic.

  3. Matt Morgan: only one "woof" out of a possible five "woofs." Tony Nese: 0 "woofs" due to extreme overexposure. Maybe one "bow-wow." For me: several "miaows." Or "meows," as you see fit. Maybe even a "pffffft."

    Possible caption for Morgan's first foto: "The Lord be with you."

    Second day of cold overcast & slight drizzle here in Charm City USA. TT

  4. TT,

    I absolutely agree with you!

    1. I am tempted to ask, "In what?" But I fear it was solely with my self-characterization as "catty" with which you are in agreement.TT

  5. I meant - I agree with your assessment of Morgan and Nese.

  6. The only possible way that Nese could be "extremely overexposed" would be if his photos were plastered on every train station, magazine cover, website banner, mailbox, and storefront -- all day, every day. And even then, it might not be enough. Tony Nese is the hottest, sexiest and (yes) underrated piece of beefcake in wrestling. Period.

  7. Well, that is your opinion. I'm sure there are many who share your opinion. Two who do not share your opinion have just expressed themselves on this blog. ... Get over it.