Saturday, May 7, 2016

Caption This!


  1. "I've got two words for you!! ..."

  2. Open wide and say: "Ahhhhh."


  4. Not a caption but a query--is that Aden Chambers, who retired ca. 2012/13 due to neck problems? There are some pix on the web which equate Aden Chambers with Dalton Castle. Can that be right? Thanks. TT

    1. Can't tell if that's Aden. Most pics have him in shorter hair. But I don't think Aden and Dalton can be the same guy since they have two different Wikipedia pages, and as you say, Chambers retired while Castle wrestled after (and still is as of today in ROH)

    2. Thanks, Eli Jav. I think you are correct. Maybe Aden will come back.

      Vic Capri came back from a neck injury. I always preferred him when he was being squashed by a heel using the fullest possible combination of stretching, bending, and breaking holds, to wit
      two or more violent over the knee slams,
      a Boston crab,
      a knee planted firmly between his shoulder blades, in his back, with his gyrating arms stretched back,
      a sustained camel clutch,
      one or more reverse chin/face locks,...I'm feeling faint & have to stop now.
      Vic's gimmick, ice pick, forebodes his greatest lack: his bulge is insignificantly teensy.

      PS to Takoma Park: I went to CU, back down the B&O from you.


    3. TT, I'm sure if we synced our Big Brother playbacks, we'd be getting faint at the same time. You are encouraging me to be bad at home haha.

      Is it weird that the thought of macho man Vic Capri having a pathetic size pecker turns me on?

      That said, I always wonder how people can tell. Looks are always deceiving to me unless you see a clear outline since they could be packing it in or wearing a jockstrap. He looks at least normal in these pics, and especially compared to the muscle mountain next to him:

    4. I am pretty sure the two in the picture are Channing Decker and Kris Chambers. Anon.

    5. Thanks. I spent no more than 30 mins searching here and there without being able to corroborate or contradict your intuition, but I have to admit that I guessed Aden Chambers over Kris C with no evidence to support AC. Maybe I'll look some more Tuesday--I am sleepy now. TT

  5. Yes, the one in red is Channing Decker (one half of the tag team The Fraternity). I don't think it's Kris Chambers though because Kris has long hair and wears tights. I don't think it's Aden Chambers either because he retired in 2013. Hmmm, the mystery remains unsolved.

  6. I think it is Kris Chambers. Here's a match where he has shorter hair and it really does look like him from the back:

    Also, they've definitely fought in matches according to Cagematch, so there's definitely plausibility.

    I guess it's not 100% since I haven't seen a part of the video where I can see the words in the back of his trunk, but I assume it says "Chambers."