Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Return of Scotty Putty

Scotty who? I myself am not too familiar with independent wrestler Scotty Putty. Scotty was only featured here a couple of times in the past (click on his name in the Labels section at the bottom of this post to see older posts). Turns out Scotty had to put his wrestling career on hold when he was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2010. But six years later, Scotty is back! It was in this blog's Comments section that I found out he returned to wrestling a few days ago. How did Scotty bounce back from this disease? You can read his inspiring story here and watch him discuss his journey on his YouTube Channel. The screen caps below are from his match with Brice "Slammer" Slova which was uploaded to YouTube on May 15, 2016. Watch it here. (I apologize for the quality of the images; the original video was not much better.)

Here are some older pics of Scotty that I did not get to post before.

That's Brady Roberts at the bottom.

Competing in 2015

Yes, that's Scotty the artist. Here is some of his work as seen on Deviant Art.


  1. Never mind his wrestling... I am impressed with him as an interesting, inspiring, man.

    He's a role model for us all.

    1. Yes. It is nice to know that some of these guys aren't just muscleheads.
      I have not gone back to reread his blog/article, but I had the feeling this match was just a one-time thing. Hope I am wrong. Anon.

  2. Have a new one for you, recent debut. The name is Austin Theory, a bodybuilder who is the 2015 Mr. Teen Georgia. Needs to upgrade the gear and cut off the man bun, but he is promising. Anon.

    A student of A R Fox, he debuted in WWA4 against his teacher:

    And was also in another 3-way match:

  3. Wrestler, bodybuilder, artist. What a dreamboat. *fans self*

    Sad about his disease. I wonder what may have caused it, if it had anything to do with his physically active lifestyle. The article was a year ago so it couldn't have provided insight as to whether that match just posted recently was a one-time thing or not.

  4. Note that Cagematch mixes Putty up with a different blog-worthy wrestler, who went by Scotty the Body. Putty tended to be in western Canada, while the second guy mostly wrestles/wrestled in Ontario. Further confusion for video searches comes from wrestler Scotty Mac, and esp. the Scotty the Body who also called himself Scotty Flamingo and later became Raven. Anon.

  5. I love the way that wrestling can pull a performer back after a lengthy hiatus. I'm still hoping for a return to the ring by the likes of Clay Moore or Danny Jaxx.

    1. Don't know where Jaxx went, but Clay Moore had a child, and seems poised to go into professional bass fishing. Didn't know that was a profession. Anyone know where some of his matches might be on DVD? Anon.