Friday, May 13, 2016

Travis Turns One

It was one year ago this month (May 7 to be exact) that Travis "Air" Gordon made his debut as a professional wrestler. Gordon wrestles for Northeast Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, and Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. You can watch his professional wrestling debut match here. You can see more of him by subscribing to his Travis Gordon YouTube Channel. Sadly, Gordon is taking a break from wrestling; "I will be taking time off from the squared circle due to my military obligations to the United States Army." What a patriotic American! Can't wait to see him back in action soon.

With Mark Shurman


  1. That match where he's getting suplexed by the fat guy looks hot

  2. He is a cutie. Love his official tank top and trunks, too. Anon.

  3. Friday the 13th & still more chill & rain, rain, rain in Charm City. Snuggle up, Muggles. Pretend we live in Portland or Seattle. Have a Starbucks.

    Travis Gordon is a potential, steady 5 woofs, BUT...
    while I love the creative tee, I would appreciate it even more if it were off of Travis' torso and displayed on a hanger.

    There is one frontal foto of Gordon which suggests alluring nipples on respectable pecs above interesting abs and attached to adequate arms. But just the one shot. What we want and need to see is more of Gordon's beef uncovered and still more in-action. He is a natural for suffering, but we don't get to see him suffer. He is well on the way to command 4 or 5 woofs, but he needs to be more Capri-cious, if you get my point!

    And into the dust bin goes his suit modeling.
    One hopes for the best for Gordon--that he will come back from the Army alive and well, with enhancement to his beefy side and the need filled that he attract one or more of the better wrestling photographers, still & video. Till then 1 1/2 woofs for the shirtless shot and a low growl for the rest.

    Shurman is a great thrill in his own right--can that be a dangling participle below his blue shirt in his pose with Gordon?

    Ah, sweet mystery of life,.... TT

  4. hey Bruno, I (fondly) remember your first posting on Travis …. I had seen his knock-down, drag out match with AR Fox then you filled in a lot blanks.
    I just find this guy to be such perfection… even in the suit, the shirt, anything… less is better of course. ;)