Monday, May 23, 2016

Muscle Monday : Austin Theory

Thanks to an anonymous reader who left a comment in one of this blog's posts last week, we have a new face here on Muscle Monday. Meet Austin Theory, an aspiring professional wrestler who is also 2015 Mr. NPC Bodybuilding Teen (Georgia). Theory made his pro debut with WWA4 early this month and he has also competed in a six-man tag team match with his wrestling teacher AR Fox (links to these matches are provided below). Looks like Fox is giving his protege a big push. It's too soon to tell how far this kid will go, but he's got the look and the moves so who knows? We may be looking at a future superstar of pro wrestling. (All photos below are from Theory's social media accounts. He already has 35,500 followers on his Instagram account.)

Theory is also one of the founders of Theory Fit apparel.

Watch Theory in his debut match here.
Watch Theory in a Three Man Tag Team match here.


  1. Replies
    1. Exactly what I said when I recommended him as blogworthy. He also needs decent ring gear--get rid of the goofy shorts and striped(?) leggings? Even the guys commenting on the match thought they were lame.

    2. You're not wearing it! Leave the man alone!

    3. I agree. He actually Carey's it off very well. Me does look good in shorts, too.

  2. In practice, Theory needs a photographer who knows what the aitch s/he is doing. That first foto shows tremendous promise only to yield to multiple disappointments. No criticism of Bruno meant at all--he can't post quality work when he isn't given it to post. Besides, that first show is shot enough for this TOQ.

  3. Amazing body, cute face and nice wrestling skills. This guy rocks!

  4. Promising! Need to keep an eagle-eye on this guy.

    But, I agree that he needs a better photog.

  5. Austin is stepping up big time, new attitude, new look, like the heel turn, now it's time to pile drive your opponents, pull them up before 3 count and end some careers.

  6. Hey Austin, continue being a heel, it works for you.