Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Body Shots : Making An Entrance


Alex Riley

Chris "The Shark" Andrews

Dezmond Xavier

Red Scorpion

Dalton Castle

Julio Pedroza

The Riegel Twins

Manny Andrade

Finn Balor/Prince Devitt


  1. Not to be mean to the lady, but my first thought on seeing the Riegel twins photo was that the caption should be: "The Riegel Twins and Their Mom." Anon.

    1. I mistakenly associated Anonymous' allusion to the foto of Dalton Castle & his cherubs. The actual foto of the Twins I had associated, not as Anon. did, to the Twins plus their Mom, but with the Twins plus their Dad.
      Republicans will be in a quandary over which is the proper public bathroom for any one pictured in either foto. In preference to any of the six, I would go outside in the bushes.

    2. I prefer to hold it in. Anon.

  2. Haha funny Anon.

    Magnus always looks so good. As does Devitt.

  3. Magnus is one of the most underrated wrestlers around. He had moments of glory in TNA but not nearly enough to match his looks and talent. He's not that great on the mic but that shouldn't hold him back.
    It's a crime what WWE did to Alex Riley. He has it all. Great looks, great body, good performer and good on the mic. Like so many other worthy talents WWE never used him properly and now he's been sacked. TNA or ROH should pick him up immediately.
    Finn Balor as the BEST entrance ever in the history of wrestling! (big statement I know) whether its with or without makeup he is the best.

    1. The sad fact remains that, however much we rue its consequences, the vast majority of paying fans must gravitate to the monsters created by WWE from the ruins of wrestlers whom we formerly championed, and, I admit it, have adored from afar. Once we accept that ruination as reality, we can move on and enjoy men before their diminution and, if anything be left, afterwards, too. Lamentations about what might have been or, worse, what ought to be, are useless and probably destructive of our joy and pleasure. Yes, I deplore Alex Riley's fate, Evan Bourne's, Dolph Ziggler's, and the fates of scores of others.
      But I can still watch The Miz's bending Sydal's spine backwards in a cruel camel clutch, Chris Master's wringing some squab's neck at length with the master lock, or the library of World of Sport (UK) matches, in some of which the hero gets knocked flat 10 or 12 times in quick succession, only to get up and get knocked down the 11th or 13th time--and sometimes go on to win. I well recall--but not well enough specifically to cite, one WOS hero's getting clamped in one "round" into five separate Boston's (as the UK called them) before finally submitting on the application of a sixth.
      If WWE ruins people, so be it. Let regret not ruin thee and mee, for so it will bee. It is cause for us only to search www & local promos further and more deeply for what we like and support INDY efforts as well as and in what proportion we can.
      Off the soap box for your devoted TT.

    2. Quite frankly, Riley's release is probably the best thing that has happened to him. There IS life after WWE and NXT, and many of these wrestlers go on to become quite popular in the Indy ranks, using the prestige garnered from being WWE, which means more vids and pics for us.
      Just found a vid of a recent match with Nick Rogers, who, like other NXT expellees, has kept in great shape:

    3. Woof! I had never heard of Nick Rogers before. Just ran a search on YouTube and there's not much. Do you know where I can see other matches?

      As always, you have the best finds, Anon. <3

    4. Flatterer. Anon.
      He was in WWE developmental when it was FCW, so some of his matches are on those shows. He wrestled under the name Austin Spencer before that, did an entertaining political candidate running for office gimmick, the "Mayor." Someone did a Youtube playlist for him:

  4. Magnus was quite nice when he was still just Nick Aldis, but he has gotten better and better since. Anon.

  5. It is nice to see Chris Andrews and the Riegel Twins displaying their chest hair. I hope this is the start of a trend.

  6. That photo of Magnus! That herculean physique! I am stunned at that magnificence.

  7. I really really really really want Magnus so badddddd