Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Five Years Ago This Month

It's the last day of May and I almost forgot to do my monthly post on some of the wrestlers who were featured here on Beefcakes of Wrestling back in May 2011. Some of these wrestlers are still in the business, while others have retired and moved on to other careers. Which one is your favorite?
Alex Riley

Calvin McGrath

Jon Hamm look-a-like Josh Daniels

Domino (France)

Phil Shatter

Rob Terry

Lupe Santiago

Rene Dupree

Tyson Dux 

Hiroshi Tanahashi

The Gemini Trojans

Prince Devitt aka Finn Balor

Chris D'Andrea

Romeo Roselli

Luke Robinson aka Can-Am and BG East's Donnie Drake

Jo Atlas (France)


  1. So many pics!

    Devitt always seems to emit some sexual radiation.

    Those Gemini twins look straight out of a gay porn. Too hot to be real.

    Rene looks good in that pic. Not overbloated like I saw him in a video that was nonetheless hot of him completely jobbing to a small Asian wrestler.

    That's the freaky Rob Terry I know.

    Whoa who is Calvin McGrath and why is he wearing those sexual ripped jeans and why don't more people wear that to the right??

    Hope A-Ry goes back to this look and wrestles in indies that upload all his matches.

    1. Yes to all the above.
      Mcgrath was also a escort/stripper type on the side and had a lot of soft-core pics out there as advertising. His real name is Calvin Guelich, and he has a FB page (looks like he got married and had a child or vice versa, and retired from wrestling). Anon.

    2. I'm guessing a straight stripper huh? :/

    3. That, I can't say. Don't they all sort of skirt the line? Fort he most part, his ring gear tended to be the very brief, gravity-defying bikini trunks, as you can see here:
      My favorite match of his was against Scott Fowler. Looking for it to share.
      He was the "model" for a WWE Tough Enough commercial:

      From his profile/photos I think he works in oil drilling, he has retained a mohawk haircut, and his wedding pics show him in a sleeveless tuxedo shirt. Anon.

    4. The McGrath v Fowler match has been taken off the net. Sorry. Anon.

  2. Ok, these photos are giving me all kinds of unholy ideas.

    My fantasy match ...

    I would like to see Rene Dupree enter the ring cocky, loud, and boastful - accompanied by his young assistant. As champion, he pleasures himself at will with the grateful youth.

    I would like to see Romeo Roselli beat up Rene Dupree, and knock him out cold. With the proud Frenchman sprawled on the mat, Romeo would yank off Rene's tights to reveal a skimpy black thong. With the fans watching in shock and awe, Romeo would start to manhandle and abuse Rene's world class grade A bulge.
    After he has finished destroying the now ex-champion, Romeo leaves the ring. Dupree's youthful assistant is horrified to see his champion hero stripped, denuded, and impotent. He gently soothes the muscle man, giving him kisses and whispering encouragement into his ear as Rene's limp body is dragged, by his bare feet, out of the ring and out of the arena.

    I would be that assistant.

    1. S.a.s.t.o., as an f.o.b. would attest. TT

    2. FOB, I'm guessing, is "fresh off the boat" ?

      SASTO, is ... ?

      I don't see this online.

    3. Wait, I think I saw something ...

      "some are sicker than others"?

    4. I enjoyed your fantasy ManFan1. Do you have an email? Would love to hear what happens next.

  3. A bygone era, or so it seemed to me. You know, been there, seen that--but, sadly, not done that.

    Josh Daniel's contours remind me of a swizzle stick for some complex mixed drink--the cherry being forked on where the boots should be.


  4. Remember the days when you could see Alex Riley and Lupe Santiago (and Shawn Spears/Tye Dillinger, Brett DiBiase, Johnny Curtis, etc.) on a regular basis in FCW? Didn't know how good I had it back then.

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